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A Bit About Me

Niaz Ahmad was born and raised in Canada. He pursued his university education in Montreal, receiving his B.A. from the Liberal Arts College of Concordia University in Western Society Culture, covering the Great Books curriculum of the Western heritage.  He then moved to Morocco, where he studied Classical Arabic and other subjects at the historic Qarawiyyin University part-time for 5 years while teaching English at the American Language Center in Fez.  In 2011 he moved to Istanbul, where he has taught English at numerous university programs and served as Director of the English Language Program at the Istanbul Foundation for Education and Research (İSAR) for 3 years.  He has accumulated almost 18 years of professional English teaching experience, teaching all levels from the 0-Beginner level to Advanced Academic English.  He has also studied Islamic philosophy and the related instrumental sciences of philosophy of language, logic, and argumentation theory for a number of years in Arabic and Turkish, both with private teachers and by attending graduate courses at Marmara University and summer programs at private educational foundations.  Besides Arabic, he is fluent in French and Turkish as well, and has close to Intermediate-level proficiency in several other languages. 

About my Classes

For English, Niaz Ahmad uses the New Interchange and Passage Series of Textbooks by Cambridge, as well as the Reading Explorer Series by National Geographic. He also uses numerous personally-constructed additional exercises designed to compliment the texts. 


Niaz Ahmad will be available for tutoring on the weekends (Fridays and Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:45 PM) starting from September 19.


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